Simplify Class Management and Amplify Teaching.

Classure is a comprehensive class management tool that simplifies administrative tasks, providing an intuitive interface and powerful features to effortlessly streamline your classes. With Classure, you can optimize your time and focus on the core of your work - teaching.
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Streamline administrative tasks and focus on teaching with our intuitive and powerful tool.

Classure simplifies class management by providing an intuitive interface and powerful features that streamline administrative tasks for teachers.
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Integrate admissions seamlessly with Classure, empowering educational institutions to efficiently manage the enrollment process and focus on providing quality education


Effortlessly handle payments in Classure with diverse payment options, robust reporting, flexible plans, financial aid integration, and discount coupon support


Efficiently create and manage documents in Classure, with support for multiple files, course and class level documents, and automatic availability to students via the portal

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Teacher Portal

Empower teachers through Classure's intuitive teacher portal, granting convenient access to class rosters and efficient management of attendance and grades


Effortlessly manage your schedule and never miss a class or meeting with Classure's customizable calendar featuring daily, monthly, and weekly views

Student Portal

With Classure's student portal, students gain convenient access to self-registration, self-payment, enrollment and grade information, as well as document access, enhancing their overall class management experience

All Features

Empower your class management with Classure's user-friendly
interface and powerful features

Experience enhanced class management with Classure's user-friendly interface and robust features,
enabling you to focus on teaching while effortlessly handling administrative tasks.

Efficient email communications with Classure enhance class management and teacher-student interactions

Canvas Integration

Seamless Canvas integration with Classure simplifies class management for efficient teaching

We provide Classure, the ultimate class management tool designed to make your life easier

With our intuitive design, we facilitate the optimization of your administrative tasks, allowing you to prioritize your expertise in teaching
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