Classure's Features

Classure simplifies class management by providing an intuitive interface and powerful features that streamline administrative tasks for teachers.


Integrate admissions seamlessly with Classure, empowering educational institutions to efficiently manage the enrollment process and focus on providing quality education

Teacher Portal

Empower teachers through Classure's intuitive teacher portal, granting convenient access to class rosters and efficient management of attendance and grades

Multiple Location/Branch Support

Seamlessly manage multiple branch locations with Classure's robust multi-location support, ensuring operational efficiency and harmonized workflow.


Powerful Email capabilities with filtered sets of students/teachers
Customizable Email Templates
Automatic Email updates


Effortlessly handle payments in Classure with diverse payment options, robust reporting, flexible plans, financial aid integration, and discount coupon support.


Effortlessly manage your schedule and never miss a class or meeting with Classure's customizable calendar featuring daily, monthly, and weekly views


Academic Reports (Couse Catalog, Timetable, Attendance, Grades)
Payment Reports (Billing, All Payments etc)
Registrar (Enrollment snaphot and more)

Financial Aid

Approve, manage, and report on financial aid without relying on costly third-party services.

Automatic discounts applied for approved applicants.

Canvas Integration

Export/import data to/from Canvas


Efficiently create and manage documents in Classure, with support for multiple files, course and class level documents, and automatic availability to students via the portal

Student Portal

With Classure's student portal, students gain convenient access to self-registration, self-payment, enrollment and grade information, as well as document access, enhancing their overall class management experience

Parent Portal

Classure's Parent portal allows parents to keep track of registration, payment, enrollment and grade information for all of their enrolled children. They can also apply for financial aid, and Classure automatically applies sibling discounts if enabled by the institution.

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